A Scandalous Situation 2 - Kazuko Fujita & Patricia Frances Rowell

A Scandalous Situation 2

By Kazuko Fujita & Patricia Frances Rowell

  • Release Date: 2009-12-11
  • Genre: Women


Iantha plunges into marriage with Robert, a baron, still uneasy about it all. How will she ever go to bed with him? Meanwhile, a sinister man attacks her once again. Right after Iantha and Robert learn that one of the guests at their Christmas party was part of the group that assaulted Iantha, the man is murdered. And then they receive letters warning them to stop investigating. But Robert remains a rock for Iantha as the culprit tries to crush her spirit. Robert's gentle embrace, his kisses that work their way into her very soul—he cradles her with all of his being…