Lost - Tarisa Marie


By Tarisa Marie

  • Release Date: 2018-09-16
  • Genre: Paranormal


The much-anticipated  sixth and final novel in the "Crimson Forest" series.

Malakai has just found out that not only is he a Mikaelson and his grandfather is the psychotic half breed who took over his life for over a month, but that the world around him is crumbling quicker than he can keep up. 

One minute, he was enjoying popcorn and a movie with his soon to be husband in the safety of their Seattle home, and the next minute, he's sprawled out unconscious and on the verge of death in an underground demon civilization. The only person who can save him is his grandfather, but is surviving and being able to marry the ove of his life worth it when the price of life is giving up all he's ever believed in? Can Daniel even love what he's become?