Torn - Tarisa Marie


By Tarisa Marie

  • Release Date: 2018-05-28
  • Genre: Fantasy


The enthralling 30,000 word fourth novel/novella in the Crimson Forest series. *Note this novel/novella is in Henry's POV and continues the story, but it is not necessary to read this book to enjoy the final novel in the series, though it is strongly suggested and contains many exciting and surprising spoilers.

On the outside, Henry appears controlled, put together, but what he doesn't show is how much he truly struggles internally. After being found out by the Bryxx community, Henry has no choice but to leave the life he's lead for millennia and dip his toes into something entirely new to him. 

The woman Henry has been pining over his entire life, is the one being in the world who makes his control waver. Her blood is more appealing to him than any other's, and because of that, they can never be together, but he can't seem to stay away from her any longer, especially when she shows up at his door begging for answers.

Then, Henry finds himself stuck training a new vamp as a favor to his friend Kade Kinsmen, but he's in over his head. This vampire has no regard for life, no remorse for his actions. He's emotionless except when it comes to one person, his human girlfriend who has no idea he's no longer human.