Tempted - Tarisa Marie


By Tarisa Marie

  • Release Date: 2018-04-16
  • Genre: Paranormal


May is human, her blood no longer seemingly crack to vampires, but she isn’t clear of danger yet, not even close. One phone call turns her entire life upside down. An old enemy of Kade’s has imprisoned him and taken over his life for the past two months, doing things the real Kade would never dream of. 

When May sees the true Kade for the first time since he killed her that fateful day, she’s not sure what to think. She’d been getting ready to head home to Seattle and move forward with her life, but now she’s torn. How does she even truly feel about Kade, her supposed soulmate? How does he feel about her now that he’s no longer a vampire? With Kade’s kidnapper after them, Albert, and an entirely new enemy to top it all off, how will May manage to return to normalcy?