Impossible Attraction - Tarisa Marie

Impossible Attraction

By Tarisa Marie

  • Release Date: 2018-02-01
  • Genre: New Adult


Impossible Attraction (Deadly, #1) 65,000 words

From bestselling author Tarisa Marie, comes an addictive new romance series.

Forced into a gang to protect the life of the woman he loves, Blake has spent years working for the men who killed his parents eight years ago and turned his entire life upside down. Anna, the love of his life, believes him dead and he's been forbidden to ever see her again. Blake has resigned himself to this life until he runs into Anna in a bar after nearly a decade. It isn't a coincidence, though. Anna has been contract killing to gain closure for his 'murder', but then he ends up on the top of her kill list because of the unspeakable things he's done.

Once from the same world, now both immersed in vastly different ones, will the two be able to sort through their differences? Will Blake be able to leave the gang life and battle his drug addiction and dark past? Will Anna be able to forgive Blake for the sickening crimes he's committed?